Why Choose Baja California?

    Sharing a border with both California and Arizona, Baja for decades has been a magnet for tourists seeking immersion in a different culture, outdoor adventure, fine food, plus breathtaking scenery and natural resources.


  • Savings from 25% to 80%
  • English speaking doctors and staff
  • Minutes away from California and Arizona
  • Board certified medical and dental practitioners
  • Leading-edge infrastructure
  • Full range of medical and dental procedures

Together, California and Baja California combine for one of the most dynamic border regions in the world.

Baja also has been a magnet for those who came to visit doctors, dentists, cosmetic surgeons, pharmacies, weight loss specialists and to seek alternative and holistic treatments.

Now, the most sophisticated treatments are in the mix, for cancer, heart problems and other diseases. Many of its health care practitioners are U.S. trained and many speak English. Some are world leaders in their specialties.

With tens of thousands of retirees from the U.S., Canada and other countries now living in this beautiful state, Baja also has developed infrastructures for both extended care and senior living services.

Already a world-class tourist destination, Baja has the infrastructure and experience in place to be a welcoming host to medical tourists.

With wonderful hotels and inns set amidst soothing seas and tranquil deserts between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, Baja is the perfect place to stay while awaiting a medical procedure or recuperating from one.

Long famous for cosmetic treatments and dental work, Baja now offers medical tourists a full range of facilities and services, from metropolitan hospitals to private health spas --- and at savings that can range from 25 percent to 80 percent.

Major hospitals are found in the largest of Baja’s five cities, while each region offers clinics, doctors, dentists and specialized health and wellness services. The small village of Los Algondones, on the border with Arizona and near the one with California, has developed as a dental and pharmacy center.

The listings of providers and destinations on this website can help you chose the best location for your medical tourism needs. In many cases, you’ll be able to find the treatment you need in the area you want to visit.

The medical tourism sector and those who benefit from its extensive services has the full support of the state of Baja as well as the federal government of Mexico.

The Baja State Ministry of Tourism offers an English-language 24-hour assistance number, 078, and the state has its own version of the 911emergency assistance phone number, 066.

Baja has systems in place to assist people in choosing the best medical tourism option, and for expressing any follow-up concerns they might have. It’s a good prescription for successful treatment.

With leading-edge technology and state-of-the art facilities, Baja’s medical and dental centers treat patients from all over the world. Baja welcomes more than one million visitors a year for an extensive range of specialties and services, a number that is growing rapidly.

Some facilities and doctors, offer passes for special medical lanes for patients returning to the U.S. after medical treatment, making the trip easier and more comfortable.